Guerrilla FC Pop Up & Gallery Show

I’m pleased to announce I will be showing a select batch of photos at Guerrilla FC’s new pop-up and art installation in Washington DC from June 18-July 12. There will also be some exclusive MageesCamera merch and art prints available to purchase. Additionally, we will be debuting a concept-kit collaboration I coordinated together with Nomadic Wax, Guerrilla FC, and South African hip hop and b-boy non-profit Heal the Hood.

The Event
On June 28, venture into The Mind of Guerrilla - a two-week pop-up/exhibition at Homme DC curated by Guerrilla FC. Inside is a sensory exploration of the eclectic components of a culture that drives and inspires this diverse community of creatives.

On display will be two art installations, two photography installations, and a video/audio installation. New, never before seen, Guerrilla FC gear will also be available, including a collaboration with South African, breakdance collective Heal the Hood and underground, hip hop production company Nomadic Wax. 

In communion with the pop-up and exhibit, Guerrilla FC has curated two live events during this period. On June 29, there will be a panel discussion on football culture and this summer’s World Cup. On July 12, Guerrilla FC and Homme DC welcome the Shirtless Plantain Show to perform a live show.


June 28: Launch Party // 8 PM - 12 AM
June 29: Panel discussion curated by Guerrilla FC // 3 PM - 4 PM
July 12:  Shirtless Plantain Show live viewing // 8 PM followed by Closing Party // 8:30 PM - 12 AM

The Mind of Guerrilla, concept by Justin Olivier Salhani (Guerrilla FC founder) - curated by Ruben Gzirian (Guerrilla FC) and Justin Salhani

Color spectrum, concept by Ruben Gzirian and Justin Olivier Salhani - curated by Ruben Gzirian

Photography installations by Magee McIlvaine (Guerrilla FC and Nomadic Wax) and Sonya Kondratenko

Video installation by Ruben Gzirian and Amir Browder

Some Selects From The Guerrilla FC Photo Shoot

Had a great time with the Guerrilla FC crew for this soccer/fashion/style photo shoot. We experimented with some ideas, concepts, props. Definitely got some good ideas for the follow up shoot once we get to some warmer weather. Enjoy a few selects from the shoot (below), and make sure to check out the team's website and learn more about their mission and creative projects here in DC. The scarves are available to purchase on their website, and there will be more merch available soon. There will also be a public event coming up in DC on March 17 at ReCreative Spaces where the new kits will be unveiled.

There will also be the first official public event of the new year for the team, coming up in DC on March 17 at ReCreative Spaces where the new kits will be unveiled.